Leasan dhan Pheasan


Have placed a link to our Gaelic film below.  It is password protected.  The children might remember the password.  If not we will remind them of the password next week so that you can watch it at home.  Enjoy!


Gaelic Football

Just a reminder, Gaelic Football has now finished for this session, therefore, there will be no Gaelic Football on tomorrow or next week.

Many thanks to Mr Beaton and Mr Eaglesfield for all your hard work.  The kids have really enjoyed it.


Mrs Hayes

Gaelic Film – Leasan dhan Pheasan

The P4-7 children have now completed their Gaelic Film Project with Sealladh Productions.  The film is about a school talent competition and the P1-3 class very kindly agreed to participate during the filming as extras in the audience.

The Film Premiere will be held on Friday 23rd June at 1.30 pm in the Hall at Craighill and all family and friends of P1-3 and P4-7 are invited to attend.  The film will be in Gaelic, but an explanation will be provided at the beginning for those who do not have Gaelic.  The film lasts between 10 – 15 minutes in duration.

The P4-7 children participated in all aspects of the production: scripting, story-boarding, making props and costumes, producing and directing, filming, sound production and editing.  As you will see the P1-3 class followed the directions brilliantly on the day of filming and made a great contribution to the sequence at the talent competition.  They have really enjoyed the whole process and are very excited to share the results.  We really hope you can attend.


Mrs Hayes

Inverness Provincial Mod 2017

Many of the children from the Gaelic Dept competed at the Inverness Provincial Mod last Friday.  The children have worked very hard to learn their pieces and we are delighted by how well they performed on the day, doing exceptionally well across all the competitions.  More importantly we are very proud of the very good conduct the children exhibited throughout the day, encouraging and supporting their classmates and congratulating those fortunate enough to receive prizes.  We are most proud that a judge sought out a parent to comment on how impressed they were with the Craighill children, stating that throughout the day, the children from Craighill could be seen chatting together in Gaelic.  We really feel that the most important aspect of the Junior Mod is that it provides the children with a context to use their Gaelic outside the classroom and to meet other children with Gaelic.  We are so proud that the children represented the school so well in this respect.

Mr Eaglesfield and I would like to thank all the parents for all their hard work in helping their children to learn their pieces and we would also like to thank Mrs Jack for her help and for agreeing to be recorded for the blog.  This really did help the children to learn and practice their pieces at home.  We would like to especially thank Mr Beaton who put so much time and effort into helping the children to polish their performances over the past months.   As you will see below, the results speak for themselves.

Mrs Hayes

Mòd Ionadail Inbhir Nis 2017 : Inverness Provincial Mod

Toraidhean : Results

C03 Litreachas – Literature – Story (P4-5)

1st – Niamh

2nd – Leona

3rd – Kate


C05 Litreachas – Literature – Story (P6-7)

1st – Luke

2nd – Sinead

3rd – Angela


C06 Litreachas – Literature – Poetry (P6-7)

1st – Lily

2nd – Roisin

3rd – Freya



C21A Aithris Rann – Verse Speaking – aged 7 Fluent

1st – Hannah

3rd – Marie


C21B Aithris Rann – Verse Speaking – aged 8 Fluent

1st – Iain


C23A Aithris Rann – Verse Speaking – aged 9 Fluent

1st – Leona

3rd – Niamh


C23B Aithris Rann – Verse Speaking – aged 10 Fluent

1st – Kate


C25 Aithris Rann – Verse Speaking – 11 & under 13 Fluent

3rd – Chloe


C41A Còmhradh – Conversation – aged 9

2nd – Leona


C42B Còmhradh – Conversation – aged 12

3rd – Angela


C49B Seinn Aon-Ghuthach – Vocal Solo – aged 8 Fluent

1st – Orla


C51A Seinn Aon-Ghuthach – Vocal Solo – Girls aged 9 Fluent

1st – Leona

3rd – Niamh


C51B Seinn Aon-Ghuthach – Vocal Solo – Girls aged 10 Fluent

2nd – Kate


C55 Seinn Aon-Ghuthach – Vocal Solo – Girls 11 & under 13 Fluent

3rd – Angela


C89 Fidheall – Fiddle – under 13

1st – Angela


Homework 5.6.17

No formal homework for P1-3 this week as Mr Eaglesfield is away Monday to Friday.

Please use this time to polish  Mod performances, making sure that the children know all the words to the poems and songs fluently.  Try to add expression and feeling to the performance.

We are learning a song for P7, if the children have siblings in the P7 class, please keep this under your hat – so it will be a surprise.

Please sing along with the first verse of the song and try to familiarise yourself with the words.